Welcome to 101 Days to Christmas!

Welcome! Christmas tips site 101 Days to Christmas is designed to help you prepare for the coming holiday season, one day at a time.

Beginning on September 15, we'll post daily get-organized tips for a simpler, stress-free Christmas celebration. Our daily tips are designed break down holiday planning and preparation into short, simple assignments.

Working day by day, we'll get organized, set a holiday budget, and focus on gifts and giving. We'll tackle holiday cooking, get inspired to decorate, and round up favorite family traditions. Along the way, we'll share recipes, decor inspirations and holiday celebration ideas for a fun, festive holiday season.

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Ready? Christmas is coming, so join 101 Days to Christmas, your day-by-day plan for a great--and stress-free--holiday season!

101 Days to Christmas Starts September 15

Looking for an easy way to prepare for the holiday season? Welcome to 101 Days to Christmas! This light and easy Christmas organizing plan begins on September 15.

I'm Cynthia Ewer, organizing author of Web siteĀ Organized Home, and of the books Cut The Clutter: A Simple Organization Plan For A Clean And Tidy Home and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting Organized Fast-Track.

For all that, I'm not one of those folks who was born with organizational abilities; I've had to learn organizing skills the hard way! That's why I'm pleased to bring you 101 Days to Christmas, a site designed to offer a daily boost of holiday motivation during the 101 days before Christmas. That's what you'll find here: a simple path to an organized Christmas.

Beginning September 15, we'll post 101 daily messages of Christmas inspiration, motivation and fun. The idea is to make holiday planning short, sweet and easy. Won't you join me, as we prepare for Christmas day by day with 101 Days to Christmas? The fun begins on September 15!