67 Days to Christmas! Plan for Halloween Treats

Even during a pandemic, it's time to take stock of Halloween plans, and make preparations for Halloween treats.

Creative solutions for Halloween celebrations are possible, even when social distancing concerns rule out traditional "trick-or-treat" activities.  Consider virtual spooky greetings, porch-drop options like the Halloween BOO, or drive-through celebrations this year, to keep the celebration safe.

If you'll be treating, now's the time to stock up!  Candy availability may fluctuate, so plan ahead for any needed events.

[Christmas Creep Alert!  If you'll need harvest-themed candies to make Thanksgiving Blessings Mix this year, shop now.  Readers have reported "no Thanksgiving candy!" in November for the past three years. ]

69 Days to Christmas! Decorate for Halloween!

If you haven't done so already, it's time to decorate for Halloween! Jack O'Lanterns and black cats set the stage for a spooky good time as Halloween approaches.

To keep seasonal decorating changes simple, use solid-color or generic fall decor for the bulk of the decorations. Tuck a few Halloween-specific items into the mix this week.

After the big night has come and gone, they're easy to remove and replace with Thanksgiving decorations. Keep decorating simple to keep the focus on the good times!

77 Days to Christmas! Try a "Social Distancing" Halloween Game

This year, traditional Halloween plans will need an extra level of consideration; public health recommendations for events like trick-or-treat or harvest festivals vary from area to area, as does each family's level of risk tolerance.  

If "trick or treat" is a celebration for another year, try the Halloween BOO game: a socially-distanced Halloween activity for neighborhoods.

Have You Been BOO-ed?

To play, you'll make a secret porch drop at a neighbor's home:  a BOO basket with a treat, a sign, and a set of instructions.  Each BOO recipient is asked to BOO two more neighbors to spread the cheer.

A simple "We've Been BOO-ed" sign in the window shows how fast and how far the BOO is spreading.  To make it easy, we offer free printable Halloween BOO signs with instructions:

You've Been BOO-ed: Halloween BOO Poem and Signs

Safety Recommendations

BOO tips for 2020? Consider these precautions if you share a Halloween BOO:

  • Check with parents first.  Schooling pods or multi-generational households may have complicated risk management needs, so give the family the choice.
  • Choose sealed packaged treats that can be sanitized easily.
  • Keep BOO baskets simple, cheap and friendly this year.  Deliberate simplicity keeps the focus on sharing, not stuff--and respects budgets that are under unusual strain.  


85 Days to Christmas! Begin Halloween Planning

The calendar turns: October's here and it's time! Begin planning Halloween costumes and seasonal celebrations now:

Plan Halloween Costumes

If family members (young or young-at-heart) will dress in costume for Halloween, harvest festivals or book character parties, it's time to put on the thinking caps. Decide on Halloween costumes early to be sure you can complete sewing jobs or find just the right accessories in good time for the celebration.

Prepare for Seasonal Celebrations

Grab the family calendar, and note any upcoming events or celebrations. Whether it's preparing treats for classroom parties, volunteering for a neighborhood festival, or organizing family fun like "BOO-ing" the neighbors, note commitments now. Add needed materials to a shopping list, and get organized ... for October fun!

Start the Halloween BOO in Your Neighborhood