This year, traditional Halloween plans will need an extra level of consideration; public health recommendations for events like trick-or-treat or harvest festivals vary from area to area, as does each family's level of risk tolerance.  

If "trick or treat" is a celebration for another year, try the Halloween BOO game: a socially-distanced Halloween activity for neighborhoods.

Have You Been BOO-ed?

To play, you'll make a secret porch drop at a neighbor's home:  a BOO basket with a treat, a sign, and a set of instructions.  Each BOO recipient is asked to BOO two more neighbors to spread the cheer.

A simple "We've Been BOO-ed" sign in the window shows how fast and how far the BOO is spreading.  To make it easy, we offer free printable Halloween BOO signs with instructions:

You've Been BOO-ed: Halloween BOO Poem and Signs

Safety Recommendations

BOO tips for 2020? Consider these precautions if you share a Halloween BOO:

  • Check with parents first.  Schooling pods or multi-generational households may have complicated risk management needs, so give the family the choice.
  • Choose sealed packaged treats that can be sanitized easily.
  • Keep BOO baskets simple, cheap and friendly this year.  Deliberate simplicity keeps the focus on sharing, not stuff--and respects budgets that are under unusual strain.