93 Days to Christmas! Set Up A Gift Closet

Do you keep a gift closet? To save money and cut gift-giving stress, you should!

A gift closet is a secret stash of gifts, ready for the giving. It doesn't have to be a dedicated closet; a "gift closet" can live in a covered box, an under-bed storage unit, or a high shelf in a bedroom or den. Think of it as a pantry for presents, a place to accumulate and store gifts bought year-round (and at attractive prices).

A well-seasoned gift closet is a giver's best friend. Find a great bargain at a clearance sale? Snap it up and entrust it to the gift closet for safe-keeping. Need a quick gift for an unexpected event? Shop the gift closet first!

An organized touch: print a free gift closet inventory to keep track of stored gift items ... and get organized!

Gift Closet Guide: Get Organized for Christmas Giving