42 Days to Christmas! Tabletop Check

Thanksgiving morning is no time to discover stains on the tablecloth, unpack tarnished flatware or to recall that last season saw the shattering of your favorite turkey platter. (That darn dog!)

Prepare to set a pretty table with a pre-season tabletop check. Inventory and inspect table linens, napkins, serving pieces, holiday china and serving pieces.

Do you need to purchase replacements? Prices are best several weeks before the season, when housewares stores advertise tabletop goods at sale prices. Add any replacements to the seasonal shopping list.

Will you need to polish silver? Add the chore to the calendar, or delegate to an energetic child in need of spending money.

Launder linens and plan centerpieces and candles for an elegant table without the last-minute stress.

Track your findings on a free inventory planner page:

Holiday Tabletop Checklist

46 Days to Christmas! Plan Thanksgiving Dinner

Turkey Day cometh ... will you be ready? If you're hosting the meal, it's time to plan.

What will you serve--and what will you serve with? Who will sit where--and where will you place the dreaded children's table? Will you have time to make or buy a pretty centerpiece?

Menus, seating, serving and tabletop, it's time to put it all together now. (Or maybe it's not to late to scour the town for Thanksgiving dinner reservations ....):

Holiday Menu Planner

53 Days to Christmas! Swap Holiday Decorations

Driving to work or school today, it's hard to avoid the splattered remains of Jack O'Lantern on the street--and the bowl of Halloween candy is looking mighty picked over after the week's Trick-or-Treaters. Time for a decor swap!

Tuck Halloween-specific decorations into a box, and replace them with Autumn or Thanksgiving-themed items to keep holiday decorations looking fresh and timely.