Holiday Mailing

49 Days to Christmas! Time For Christmas Card Tips

Smart tips can make it easier to address, write and send Christmas cards. Try these ideas to keep the cheerful in the chore:

Christmas Card Tip: Many Hands!

Involve the whole family when signing and addressing Christmas cards. Divide cards between spouses and older children, or do a quick round robin, with each family member adding a short line to each card. Many hands make light work--and ease the writers' cramp!!

Christmas Card Tip: Break It Down!

Break card chores down into do-able segments. Penning three or four greetings every day or so yields a livelier correspondence-and is a lot easier on the pensmanship than signing a hundred cards in a single frenzied sitting.

Christmas Card Tip: Harness Computer Power

With computer use on the rise, few subjects stir as much Christmas controversy as using technology to simplify seasonal greetings. Should we use a computer to address the cards? Write a Christmas letter on inkjet letterhead? What about pre-printed signatures? Is it okay to use e-mail to send holiday greetings? Get some answers here:

Simplify Season's Greetings: Using Computers To Send Christmas Cards

56 Days to Christmas: Recycle Mailing Boxes

With the holiday mailing season on the horizon, give Mother Earth a Christmas gift, too: reuse mailing containers and supplies. Recycling packing materials makes holiday sense—and cents!

As catalog orders are delivered, stockpile mailing boxes and use them for your own gift mailings. Be sure to remove or cover older mailing labels; a permanent black marking pen makes it easy to obliterate shipping bar codes.

At the warehouse store, keep an eye out for sturdy boxes suitable for mailing, and repurpose them after you’ve used them to tote purchases home.

A "peanut" tip: it's easy to recycle styrofoam packing materials if you dump them into a drawstring plastic garbage bag. Close the drawstring for storage. When you're ready to pack your own boxes, snip wedge off a bottom corner of the bag. Pour your peanuts out the hole, then clip the corner closed with a potato chip bag clip. Neat solution!

66 Days to Christmas! Buy Holiday Stamps

Holiday stamps will be available soon from the United States Postal Service. Buy stamps early, and you'll have your choice of seasonal designs.

Better still, buy stamps online from Holiday stamps are now available for pre-order! For a $1.00 service fee, stamps will be delivered to your mailbox. Standing in line at the Post Office is one holiday tradition that deserves to fall by the wayside.

While you're at the site, consider ordering free mailing supplies. Flat rate envelopes and boxes can be delivered to your door, and they're ideal for shipping Christmas baked goods and small gifts. Oh, and did we mention that they're free?