98 Days to Christmas! Create a Holiday Budget

holiday budget

For many families, Christmas comes but once a year--then lingers on for months! Credit card bills arrive shortly after season’s end, not to be paid off until the following summer. Grocery budgets groan under the burden of holiday meals and baking supplies.

Nearly two-thirds of American families don't know the true cost of their own Christmas celebration--and if they did, they'd be shocked. That much ... for a single day?

Fight the seasonal spending spree with the financial tool of choice: a Christmas budget.

Using a written holiday budget to track Christmas spending brings a built-in reality check to seasonal decisions--and it can be fun to squeeze the most holiday joy out of the smallest expenditures!

This year, take charge of holiday spending and give your family the best gift of all: a debt-free christmas.

Santa Savings: Make A Holiday Budget For A Debt-Free Christmas