96 Days to Christmas! Focus on Holiday Values

holiday values exercise

As we begin to think about the holiday season ahead, there's a crucial question to consider. What do you really want for Christmas?

Our ideas may differ in the details, but most of us want much the same thing: a seasonal celebration focused on faith, family and friends. We want the excitement of the season without the disruption that too often comes with it.

We want to draw closer to those around us, not to be thrust apart by hectic schedules. We want to enjoy as well as prepare, and to keep the Christmas season in a manner that is joyous and spiritually centered.

How to tune into that holiday of your dreams? Take time today to focus on your family's holiday values.

This simple exercise--performed once privately, and a second time with family--will arm you against those forces that steal the joy from the season. Ready to focus on what the Christmas season is really about?

Before The Season: Focus on Holiday Values