89 Days to Christmas! Shop For Frugal Stocking Stuffers

frugal stocking stuffers

"Stocking stuffers" are a favorite holiday tradition in many families--but wait until December to acquire them, and you'll pay full price!

To fill stockings like Santa (but spend like Scrooge!) start now to collect on-sale gifts suitable for stocking stuffers.

Great stuffer materials are all around you, if you only look: cereal box giveaways, mail-in prizes and free samples all find a welcome home as stocking stuffers.

While we're gearing up to collect stocking stuffers early, don't miss September's best source for good, cheap stocking gifts: back-to-school clearance sales.

Last month's collection of markers, crayons and stickers are now residing on clearance tables in discount, crafts and office supply stores.

Look sharp--and "think stuffers"--to fill holiday stockings frugally!

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