27 Days to Christmas! It's Time To Get Ready For Black Friday Sales


If your shopping pulse races at the thought of post-Thanksgiving sales, heads up! The better prepared you are, the more likely you'll score the items on your list on Friday--at the price you want to pay.

Try these tips to get the most bang from your Black Friday buck, from Consumerist.com:

Black Friday Shopping Checklist

To make your list and plan your shopping strategy as information comes to light, try our free printable Black Friday sales planner:

"Black Friday" Holiday Sales Planner

28 Days to Christmas! It's Time To Get Thanksgiving Cooking Help


Has the Thanksgiving meal created chaos in the holiday kitchen? Today, get help--online, by phone or through Twitter--with all your Thanksgiving turkey problems!

Whether you need to know about thawing times, stuffing recommendations, cooking methods or problem solving, try these resources for holiday cooking questions:

Turkey Talk Lines: Call, Click or Tweet for Holiday Help

29 Days to Christmas! It's Time For A Last-Minute Supermarket Checklist


Yes, it's wall-to-wall shoppers at the supermarket today--but if you must join them?

Check your list for these often-forgotten survival items for your Thanksgiving gathering. They'll keep the fun in the festivities:

Holiday Survival Kit: Six Last Minute Additions to Your Shopping List

30 Days to Christmas! It's Time To Set The Thanksgiving Table


Dashing around at the last minute, chanting, "Where's the serving spoon, where's the serving spoon?" is a holiday tradition that can stand to be forgotten.

Cut chaos on the big day: set the table early!

If you're hosting Thankgiving dinner, set the table a day or two ahead. Place a small sticky note inside serving dishes to remind you (or your helpers) what goes where.

You'll have time to shine up a tarnished platter or rout out missing serving pieces--in blessed privacy.

31 Days to Christmas! It's Time To Double Up On Side Dishes


When cooking for the Thanksgiving feast, plan to double or triple amounts for any freezer-friendly dishes, and tuck the extras into the freezer for later use.

Good freezer candidates include unbaked pie shells, unbaked pies, unbaked stuffing and--surprise!--mashed potatoes. Doubling up when you cook for Thanksgiving will ease the kitchen load in the weeks ahead!

Cook once, feast twice ... for an organized holiday season.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes Recipe for Freezer Cooking