8 Days to Christmas! It's Time To Make A Christmas Morning Basket


Gifts are piling up beneath the tree, and Santa's ready to roll: time to prepare a Christmas morning basket!

The concept is simple: gather the tools and supplies you'll need to open Christmas gifts and put them in a basket, gift bag or gift box beneath the tree.

Include items like scissors, box cutter, notepad and pen (for recording "gifts received"), camera or videocam, trash bags, zipper food storage bags (for bundling small pieces so they're not lost) and extra batteries.

Add a Santa hat for a fun touch: she who wears the hat, passes out the presents!

9 Days to Christmas! It's Time To Keep An Ornament Journal


The family tree shines during the season when each ornament tells a story--but will you remember?

Keep track of ornament collections with an ornament journal. Whether it's "Baby's First Christmas" or a special gift from Nana's last vacation, a quick note about each new ornament will preserve the memories from year to year.

We make it easy with a free printable ornament journal page:

Printable Ornament Journal

10 Days To Christmas! It's Time For A Pre-Holiday House Cleaning


With only ten days to go, it's time to give the house a final going-over before Christmas.

Play cleaning service this week, and give every room a top-clean session of dusting, vacuuming and final touch-up. You'll bring the entire house to a holiday-ready state in good time to celebrate!

11 Days To Christmas! It's Time To Organize Holiday Potluck Meals


Pitching in to share the work makes a lot of sense when it comes to holiday meals--but without a bit of planning, you can end up with six different versions of Green Bean Casserole--and no rolls!

Bring order to potluck dinners today. Our free printable form makes it easy to plan, delegate and coordinate a shared menu:

Potluck Menu Planner Form

12 Days to Christmas! It's Time For An Under-Tree Storage Box


The tree is trimmed, lights glowing. Packing away the storage boxes is easy, but what do you do with all those little bulbs and fuses? They wander the house, constantly underfoot--until you need one.

Keep holiday decor supplies close at hand with this simple, sneaky solution: an under-tree storage box. Select a pretty holiday gift box with a removable lid. Put all fuses, replacement light bulbs and extra ornament hooks inside the box, add a gift bow and slide it beneath the tree.

Next time you need to replace a light bulb or add a new ornament to the tree, grab the box. It'll hold--and hide--all the holiday supplies you need.

Control Christmas Clutter With An Under-Tree Storage Box